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George Fripley is a satirist and poet. He has worked in government, the mining industry, universities, and has also travelled extensively. He is completely unqualified to comment on anything and should be ignored, except by those who don’t know any better! One of these days he will write a best-selling book, get his songs recorded, win the lottery, and may even be kidnapped by aliens. However, until that time he will continue to write about bullshit, bureaucracy, people who should have existed in history, and the meaning of life…as he sees it, in between penning a poem or two!

George has, so far, written  5 books – The Langorian Queen, Grudges, Rumours & Drama Queens (previously titled You Can’t Polish a Turd (the Civil Servant’s Manual), The Complete Dregs of History, Silence… , and More Gravy Please! – all available through Amazon.


The Langorian Queen is a ripping yarn about Tarquin, Jemima, Kylie, and Wayne, who find themselves the centre of a prophecy and smack bang in the middle of Langoria. They must fight for the land or, quite possibly, die. After all, somebody always has to die. They just hope it is not one of them.


Grudges, Rumours & Drama Queens –  You know that person who never seems to be doing any work, is always talking, never seems to finish a project, but always seems to be promoted? They could have written this book. Perhaps one of them did!  This book is available as an Ebook & paperback through Amazon.

Dregs of History ebook cover

The Complete Dregs of History is a book about ordinary people. History remembers the famous, but what about the rest. There have been billions of people on the planet. There is a good chance that those that I write about may even have existed, and if they had, they would certainly have deserved their place floating face-down in the dregs of history.  This book is available as an Ebook & paperback through Amazon.


Silence… is a collection of poems. Some serious, some not so serious. Over 20 of the poems included have been published previously in various journals and ezines in the USA, UK and Australia. This book is available as an Ebook & paperback through Amazon.

More Gravy Please !

More Gravy Please!This is the essential handbook for all aspiring and serving politicians. It will ensure that you have a smooth ride through your political career. After asking 6 basic questions to test your suitability for political life, it goes on to educate you about Mutually Assured Distraction, Viral Ignorance, Tule’s Law, the Thermodynamic Theory of Promotion, Manic Irrelevance Syndrome, and many, many more vital aspects of life in politics. As everybody knows, no politician has ever made a mistake – and this book shows how you too can reach such levels of perfection. This book is available as an Ebook & paperback through Amazon.

George’s novel One Cyborg is being written in between work and drink commitments.

George blogs at

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